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National Junior Beta Club Induction Ceremony
Students taking the Junior Beta Club pledge.

Cuthbertson Middle School held its National Junior Beta Club Induction Ceremony on Thursday, September, 27, 2012 at 10:30. One hundred and forty-nine Eighth Graders were inducted in the ceremony. Beta Club is a student centered organization, whose mission includes continual development and nurturing of individuals by providing opportunities and experiences that enable them to demonstrate the ideals of character, achievement, service, and leadership in a global community.

In order to be inducted into the National Junior Beta Club at Cuthbertson Middle School, students must have an overall 92.00 average at the end of seventh grade in the following classes: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and P.E. These students also must have excellent conduct, with no more than one conduct grade of “Needs Improvement” in any subject and no “Unsatisfactory” during their seventh grade year. Even with these stringent criteria, 149 students were inducted.

The focus for National Beta Club is leadership, and service. This year Junior Beta Club will be participating in a variety of community service projects. Currently the Junior Beta Club is in the planning stages of a campus beautification project, food drive for the food bank of Union County, candy sales for a charity of our choice, fundraiser for military families, and volunteering at Marvin Elementary for their field day in the spring. Students in Junior Beta Club are challenged as members to become involved in service projects which strengthen student leadership, character, and service.

Students being inducted took this time to thank their parents for the many doors that they unlocked for them throughout their journey in life. Teachers were also thanked for teaching many skills including reading and reasoning, which are keys to the locks of the doors that lead to maturity. Keys are a symbol of Junior Beta Club and were used in the induction ceremony. These keys represented achievement, character, leadership, and service.

For the key of achievement, students were asked these questions: “What have you done?” “Have you produced something through honest toil?” “Have you made satisfactory grades in your school?” Have you completed the tasks you have undertaken?” Have you used to your advantage your inborn abilities? Students were warned not to expect to possess achievement suddenly, but can only be won gradually through daily accomplishment that builds up from small to ever-increasing effort.

The key to character was described as a strong key that unlocks the most difficult of locks. It is a key forged of many different metals including dependability, humility, justice, compassion, and integrity.

Leadership is a key sometimes described as deceptive because students may not be aware that they have it. Service is the master key that opens the heart of mankind.

Students chosen to join National Junior Beta Club have demonstrated these keys and are challenged to develop them further. Students pledged to be honest and truthful at all times, maintain a creditable scholastic record, be a service to their teachers and fellow man, and conduct themselves in a moral and ethical manner. It is an honor to announce that the following students were inducted to the National Junior Beta Club at Cuthbertson Middle School:


Nick Abbaticchio
Danielle J. Acker
Kyra A.Bell
John Christian Belti
Leslie Elizabeth Benitez
Zane Bernard
Gianna Marie Blewett
Annabella Borgese
Brianna Rose Breidt
Emma Brock
Claire Brown
Kylie Burroughs
Nicole Carroll
Emily Chatelain
Matthew Chatelain
Esther Cho
Madison Reneé Clark
Meagan Clark
Alexandra Nicole Clay
Erika Colvin
Valerie Gwynne Cook
Danielle Coomber
Cody G. Cotton
Victoria Croland
Brooke Cunningham
Heather Cunningham
Meghan M. Curry
Sarah Curry
Destiny Adeena Daniels
Jaime DeDora
TJ DellaCroce
Adriana Marcela Diaz
Miller Ann DiCarlo
Selasi K. Doe
Isabelle Rose Downing
Aimee C. Duty
Zachary Eanes
Claire E. Falleson
Kayla Famolari
Benjamin A. Farriss
Isabella Garagusi
Brianne Michelle Goebel
Keegan Graham
Mary Green
Carter Hamilton Gupton
Natalie Guzman
Skylar Jordan Haislip
Joseph Hall
Justine Happel
Chase Harmon
Samantha Joyce Haslam
Caroline Hazlett
Ashley Hobensack
Claire M. Hoffman
Rachael Holzman
Zach Houston
Andrew Parker Hurlbut
Julia Hutchison

Abbey Johnson
Ian Kennedy
Anna Kwiatkowski
Jacob LaMountain
Christian Largin
Samantha Nicole LaRossa
Zach Levan
Olivia S. Levesque
Daniella Longhi
Marley Lucas
Kara Lunski
Caroline Maher
Nicole Alexa Manalis
Haley Elizabeth Margies
Morgan Jesse Mays
Amanda McCloskey
Kelly McGregor
Patrick Ryan McHenry
Doris McNeil
Blake Kristine Miller
Ian Morgan Misiak
Sarah Anne Moll
Josh Moore
Patrick Morrison
Ethan Moy
Brianne Mullan
Morgan Mullan
Kayla Mullarkey
John Anthony Muttillo
Matt Norris
Emily Catherine Nottingham
Callen Thomas Nuccio
Macklin Ohs
Brittany Alice Olson
Hannah Organ
Andrew John Osterberg
Eric Michael Osterberg
Katelyn Owsley
Brooke Madison Pascale
Jessica Abigail Petty
Savannah Pierce
Jessica M. Pounds
Julia Rosemary Reardon
Grayson Reimer
Alex Reynolds
Deanna C. Richards
Analise Ritter
Lauryn Rivers
Kaitlyn McKenna Roberts
Alli Rogers
Isabel Roley
Trey Roman
Emma Rondeau
Colin Rose
Emily Anne Roth
Ashely Taylor Ruggiero
Jack Ryan

Brent Schepel
Ainsley Schmidhausler
Christina Schwendig
Mikayla Seaman
Nicholas Anthony Sedotto
Julie Shaw
Sarah May Shuttleworth
Gabrielle Rose Skelton
Caleb Matthew Sloop
Ali Spelane
Casey Stamper
Abby Starnes
Hope Janea Steinhaus
Reilly Strader
Emily Ann Suchonic
Georgia Marie Surro
James D. Szczepkowski
Josie Lynne Thompson
Kaitlyn A. Thoms
Emily A. Trentham
Theodore S. Turner III
John L. Turpin
Brittany Vogel
Courtney Walker
Avery Wiggs
Jonathan David Wilhelm
Alexis Wilson
Brenna Worth
Athena Wortham
Brianna Renee Young

















Written by: Stephanie Ferron
Posted Sep 27, 2012 by Stephanie Ferron edit