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STEM and Careers Class Builds Robotic Arms photo

STEM and Careers Class Builds Robotic Arms

For the past few weeks, Mrs. Owens' 8th grade Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Careers classes have been building robotic arms to learn more about how hydraulics can be used to move a machine. My fellow students and I each worked with a partner to build a robotic arm that moved using hydraulic systems.

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Author - Poet - Performer; Allan Wolf Visits CMS photo

Author - Poet - Performer; Allan Wolf Visits CMS

Author Allan Wolf provided a lively, entertaining, and informative presentation to students from Wendy Amos' and Amy Molisani's language arts and social studies classes during his visit to CMS.


Not only is Mr. Wolf well known for his young adult books. He is also very well known for his uncanny ability to memorize and recite poetry. The students were a captive audience as he performed The Blood-Hungry Spleen from the book The Blood Hungry Spleen and Other Poems About Our PartsMr. Wolf also performed poems from More Than Friends: Poems from Him and Her which he co-wrote with author Sara Holbrook.


Students were taken aboard the Titanic as first and third-class passengers as Mr. Wolf reenacted several characters from his book The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the TitanicStudents engaged in a choral reading as passengers and recited verse about being a first or third-class passenger. Mr. Wolf utilized his five foot model of the ship to engage students in understanding how the ship was constructed and the reason it sank.

Mr. Wolf told our students that "whether you sink or float depends on whom you surround yourself with."


Mr. Wolf lives in Asheville, NC. He is the father of three; two boys and one girl. Mr. Wolf taught at Virginia Tech and was the director of Poetry Alive for 15 years. He is now a full-time writer and presenter. CMS was honored to have Mr. Wolf visit our school. Visit Mr. Wolf's website.

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