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Discover China  photo

Discover China

The 7th-grade Chinese class visited Marvin Ridge High School for the Discover China field trip. The students participated in several activities throughout the day; one of which was Chinese dancing. During this activity, the students learned about the twelve zodiac signs. The twelve zodiac signs are the: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. A person’s zodiac sign is based on the year they were born. The students also learned about an animal which symbolizes beauty - the peacock! They watched the Dance of the Peacock. The peacock represents good luck, happiness and beauty. The dance requires precise hand and arm movements in order to represent the peacock. The students had the opportunity to learn and perform part of the Dance of the Peacock.

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Romero Britto subject of Seventh Grade Art Class photo

Romero Britto subject of Seventh Grade Art Class

Seventh-grade students in Samantha Peppard’s art class have been studying world famous Brazilian pop/cubist artist Romero Britto. Britto has most recently been in the news as the designer of the 2014 World Cup Logo. As part of this unit, students studied the compositional components of Romero Britto’s work. Seventh graders explored the use of line, shape, and color to create their Romero “like” patterned masterpieces. Romero has been named the neo-pop artist of the 21st century, is very involved in philanthropic work and donates much of his time and art to various charities around the world. Student Jackson Melton stated “ I learned how to use different varieties of shapes and colors. I chose a pumpkin for my image for the fall season.” He also stated “Romero Britto is a great artist because he uses different colors and patterns that attract the viewer.” Another student, Roma Spera, chose to make a bumblebee because “I like drawing cartoons and cute characters.” Roma also stated “in art I learned about line, shape and pattern.” Tyler Ford created a basketball for his art project because he loves to play basketball. He also stated “Romero Britto is an amazing soul and artist. He has created many symbols and has contributed to many charities.” 

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